Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sticker Shock

Favors are a big deal in my book. It is the host immediate offer of thanks and appreciation to guest for joining in the celebration and for bringing thoughtful gifts. I particularly prefer practical favors; not the bulk knickknacks that I have heard some moms describe as hazardous or clutter pieces. Whether you are on a strict budget or big budget, favors can always be thoughtful, practical and age appropriate.
My family attended a special birthday party and this mom gave away scratch and sniff stickers. Wow! I must have been in middle school since I've seen a scratch and sniff sticker. They are perfect and adorable! I am amazed at how much kids like stickers not to mention one that smells like lemons and strawberries. Keep in mind to make your favors thoughtful and fun no matter the budget.

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