Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Replay

I have a habit of shopping for Christmas ornaments not only at the after Christmas' sales but also during summer. Yeap! I am pretty excited about how remarkable they look on the tree at the end of the year. Adding to that excitement is I spent significantly less for a great decor. Now that we have a Lilliputian to add to our holiday cheer, we get to feature her custom photographic art ornaments on the tree from the previous year which is a delightful conversation piece from Christmas past. What I enjoy most about the tree now is it is another symbol of how much she has changed; her facial features, creative skill development, seasonal recognition, and even her vocabulary. Moreover, it’s intriguing to see how she notices from those photo ornaments how much she has changed and we get excited all over again. I know all those art projects from their school years can be overwhelming and sometimes cluttering, but it is so surreal to watch them  grow and change from season to season. I am making it a point to soak of the moments and keep them in my present even though tomorrow they will have passed. 

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