Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Beginings

I am truly feeling yucky for being out of touch with you all for a whole week. My PR and "bestest" friend are huge motivators so to you dearest girls a big THANKS! 

If you are a mom, you know the story of our lives so to say the least this year with Lilliputian Affairs has been fun and a delightful challenge figuring it all out; a real juggling act with the things I love is what I have committed to.

It has been interesting finding my way through the maze of building a successful business while trying to go back to the corporate work world. At last, I have come to the conclusion that all the signs along the way are real and I am finally getting it that I should stay on the path of my passion and not go back to work consulting even though it feels risky. 

This summer I started out just making steps toward my passion by blogging something, talking about anything we are doing. Going forward you will see a definite direction toward fashion more and more each week. You will see food and fun but fashion for children and expecting moms will be prominent. So come to get inspired and enjoy!

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