Friday, March 9, 2012

Easter Poses

Easter lines are out and they are FABULOUS; Pastels floras’, flirty dresses, bow ties, and loafers. I am excited about all the choices for casual and formal dressing. You can dress the kids up for a church service if you are attending or dress them down for lunch just to have fun. Either way they will be even more perfect with the great designs out there. My favorite is Janie and Jack, Brook brothers, Gap, Gymboree and Children’s place. Although Janie and Jack is on the pricier side their style is just unbeatable. I dare to say there is no other brand quite like it for their classic style with rich fabrics and heirloom keepsake factor. Their sizes run from 3-6 months (some preemie sizes) to size 6 in the store and up to 12 online.  

Priced significantly lower is Gymboree with amazing choices. You can find a few similar styles for a much lower price like the ties, purses, socks, underwear and hair accessories.

The Children’s Place is extending their formal line and I am impressed. Kid boy seer sucker blazers are similar to those at Janie and jack and again priced lower. Other accessories for both boys and girls are offered at The Children’s Place if budget rules over brand.

Overall, I hope you have as much fun as you possibly can with this Easter season approaching. These are the times I remember my parents enjoying with me and I am sure you will make unforgettable moments with your Lilliputians that they can recall so vividly when they are all grown up. Shop, shop, shop; do it well and ENJOY it!

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