Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Skin Deep

If you live in a climate with long sunny days most of the year, you know the intensity of the sun's rays. It is quite warm here in Georgia, and waiver's are going out at my daughter’s school for sun screen and bug spray. I highly recommend sun screen even if your child has a darker skin tone. The myth has been that darker skin tones do not need extra protection. Lilliputians are just that; little people with little everything so protecting them even in the warmer months of the year are critical.

As you know I am an advocate of being as natural as possible. I am just as intense when it comes to children’s skin products. We use Nature's Gates Mineral Kid's Block SPF 20. Its paraben and fragrance free and it is ideal for sensitive skin. It also contains titanium and zinc oxide to scatter the sun rays instead of absorbing them. To learn more about choosing the best sunscreen for your child consult your doctor. You can also find some valuable information on sites like BabyCenter and and EWG’s Skin Deep.

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