Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lilliput Foods for St. Patrick's Day

play dough cup
This cookie is so cool. Lilliputians like little foods that fit into their hands; food that fits them. It’s more interesting and if it's a cookie, even better. Who wouldn't want a rainbow they could hold and eat? Check out the author of this creation at The Cookie Shop.

Nature made foods are ALWAYS the best option and can be lots of fun as well. I prefer it by far for my Lilliputian and our bodies can do a lot more with it. This is so simple, quick and fun.Check out 

I know this cake in a jar has lots of food coloring but I definitely would chunk this one down in a minute. The presentation is so cool and it LOOKS delicious! For the recipe check out Babble. 

Also jello is the norm when you are a kid because how easy is making Jello? And it is more fun to jiggle it right before dropping it down the hatch. Well Jelly Shot Test Kitchen just took the jelly on this one.

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