Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Recycled Easter Crafts

I remember the days as a kid when my family did Easter basket crafts. Mom thoroughly washed empty milk jugs, opened a bag of cotton balls and walla an Easter basket was born. The thought of it brings back memories of first spring.

I found this milk carton bunny basket craft idea on Disney Family Fun and thought you would like to share the idea with your Lilliputians since they typically love crafts. I prefer the milk or juice carton verses the plastic jug just because it is easier to cut and has softer edges.

To make it even more fun and captivating, dress up first; maybe a funny hat, bunny ears or better yet let them dress you for the craft show event that you are hosting. This can also be a fun way to emphasize a lesson in recycling.  So ramp up the fun and excitement and go all out creating memories for the new spring season welcome.

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